Basement renovation calls for a process of careful planning and one of the most crucial steps to take is to do proper home insulation. One of the most trusted products on the market in terms of home insulation has definitely got to be Roxul’s.

Roxul offers excellent insulation producst that will prevent any kind of moisture, dampness or other kinds of damage from entering your living space. Roxul insulation is water repellent as well as moisture resistant. This is quite important because if your basement suffers from a water accident, such as a flood, then Roxul insulation will dry itself out in no time. It will also dry out any kind of condensation that is trapped between its thick layer and the wall.

There are many other benefits to this product that will help your already renovated basement in the long run. For example, notice how your basement always feels cooler than it is upstairs. Fortunately, a proper layer of insulation helps to regulate that unwanted thermal loss, which in return means that you will save money on heating/cooling bills. See how a small investment in insulation will prove itself to be worth it? Remember, professional and excellent insulation is one of the most primal steps in building a proper foundation for your basement.

I recommend Roxul insulation because, unlike many other insulation products, it is not susceptible to mold build up. It also acts as a fire barrier, since it is not made from fiberglass. It is actually impossible for Roxul insulation to catch on fire or even to spread it.

As a homebuilder, I prefer Roxul insulation because it is an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use product, since it is not difficult to cut or install due to its malleability.

I understand that basement renovation is an enthusing part of building your home. You just can’t wait to start choosing out wallpaper, colours, flooring and furniture. However, before you jump into the excitement of interior decor, it is important to consider the things that lie within the structure. Roxul insulation will give you proper insulation, which will make your basement a safe, hazard-free and warm space for you and your family to enjoy.