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    Toronto Home Renovation Process

    The ‘Good Reno’ Home Renovation Process

    We take the time to perfectly plan our projects–to manage expectations and avoid disruptions.

    Define the Project

    To get things started, we will meet with you to discuss your overall project needs, expectations, and any special requirements. Additionally, we will learn more about your design style and colour palette preferences. To ensure your project is feasible, we will physically inspect your home/basement and take any necessary measurements.

    Envision the Design

    Taking what we learned about your project, our designer will develop architectural drawings, honing in on the details and nuances of your space. We will then share the drawings with you for your initial review. Given your approval, we will create 3D design renderings to help you better visualize how the renovated space could look. You will once again review the design and provide your acceptance. From there, we will prepare a detailed agreement, budget estimate, and payment schedule.

    Finalize Details

    It is highly important that we understand all of the inner workings of your home to avoid unknowns and unexpected costs during construction. Our expert team will inspect your existing structural, plumbing, and mechanical systems to ensure they comply with the building code. We will make you aware of any compliance issues and adjust the design accordingly. Once the design is finalized, we will make a schedule of the work to be completed. If the design, quote, schedule, and terms are all acceptable to you, we will arrange a start date.

    Time to Build

    We will start the project by ordering materials upfront in order to mitigate any potential supply chain or shipping delays. Before starting any project demolition, we will install the necessary measures to protect your existing home including installing floor and/or stair coverings, erecting dust containment walls, and sealing door openings. After your home is protected, we will get to work renovating your space.

    Enjoy Your New Space

    Once the job nears completion, we will walk you through the project to discuss any outstanding work and hear your feedback. We are sure you will be pleased with the results! After the finishing touches are complete, we will clean up the area, including all remaining dust, and remove tools, materials, and equipment.

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    Toronto Home Renovation Process