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    This home renovation in Toronto design opens up the space and looks striking, it is full of texture and color, which strikes a stylish balance between modernity and comfort. We aimed to create a family home – somewhere the owners would enjoy living.

    The modern kitchen is the perfect combination of form and style. Clean lines and sleek surfaces give the feeling of simplicity. In this modern kitchen the housed in a wall oven and microwave and carefully placed cabinets enclose the kitchen are without disrupting the open plan layout.

    We can manage your entire home renovations or extensions projects from start to finish. No matter which renovation option you are interested in you can count on Good Reno to provide you with the best solution. We will take care of every detail, including plumbing and electrical services. Our goal is to provide a pleasurable experience during our renovation process and guarantee that your home has an amazing look and homey feel. Our experts from the 7th ELEMENT DESIGN GROUP know how to provide with a best design for your home.


    Sometimes rebuild is not feasible. Renovations and alteration works almost always cost less than building a new home. If your living requirements have changed or you wish to improve the value of your home renovation is the answer. We have the knowledge and understanding to completely transform your house, providing comfort and pleasure as well as added value to the property. Let us help you get started.


    The kitchen is one of the most essential areas of your home.  We specialize in design that is efficient as well as visually and aesthetically pleasing. Whatever idea you have in mind – a center piece island, a breakfast nook, etc. – our team is here to work with you and to help you bring your vision for your ideal kitchen to life.


    Renovating your kitchen is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your property. If your existing kitchen is looking tired and dated, renovating your kitchen can make it more functional and practical as well as it can revitalize your entire home. Modernizing your kitchen not only improves your entire home’s livability, but also can significantly increase the value of your family home.

    Our SKÖNA expert design team creates spaces embodying the Scandinavian and European styles of simple clean lines and minimalism, along with the usage of natural materials in open spaces filled with beaming light, to emphasize a cozy, yet bright, naturally lit space. They weave in modern elements and darker colours to exude a luxurious feel and aim to constantly reflect SKÖNA’s core values of innovation, sophistication, functionality and timeless beauty.