Contrary to popular belief, basement windows have been known to carry with them a few problems that windows located in other places might not have. Basement window problems are usually not known when people install new basement windows for the first time. Therefore, if you are in a position where you must decide between getting them installed or not, refer to this article and make sure you know the possible negative implications.


Accidentally leaving basement windows or having any small openings near the window can leave the basement open to critters that would normally not be able to enter other windows due to the heights of the windows. This prevents you from being able to leave the windows open for too long, even with a screen. Bugs might be an issue also, depending on where you live.


Especially if you live in a snowy area, it’s safe to assume that your basement windows will receive more damage if not properly maintained and the window wells aren’t cleared of debris and snow. Doing proper maintenance and repairs is a must in order to ensure that your windows aren’t leaky and that critters cannot enter.


Basement windows are usually quite low and almost always much more hidden in comparison to other home entrances. This is why you might see metal grates around the basement windows when walking through cities and urban areas. The metal grate is an effective way to keep out home intruders, as well as a security system that covers windows. Otherwise, you are susceptible to robberies. Blinds should often be kept closed if any valuables are stored in the basement in plain sight.


Relating to the last point, having a grate to keep out unwanted guests can make it extremely difficult to fix or maintain the window in question. The grate will need to be removed for any sort of work that needs to be done on the windows. Needing to work on basement windows might be quite prevalent due to the inherent damage it receives from the elements.


By far the most noteworthy problem that a very large number of basement windows have is the leaky window. Even if your window isn’t leaky, the consequences of leaving your basement window open versus any other window is dire. In order to make sure that the window does not leak, maintenance and precautions are key. Testing your drainage regularly in the window well, and making sure the window can hold when water fills the window well are both the best options when preventing a basement flood.


As it turns out, basement windows can certainly cause problems for the average home user if not properly maintained and repaired. However, the benefits you might receive could still make the venture worthwhile to you. Sunlight for lighting and heat, opening windows for fresh air, and the use as an escape in case of emergency (unless you decided to opt for a metal grate), are all positive aspects that might push you to having one installed. Check out Imperial Windows and Doors in Toronto ( to find out more about basement windows installations.