When you are in the middle of your renovation, colour selection is probably one of the most exciting steps. Once you are painting the walls of your new space, the room truly starts to come together and look like home. However, paint selection can also often be a very tedious and even overwhelming task. You probably want the paint colour to compliment your furniture or the overall style you are going for. Paint selection is one of the key decisions you are going to need to make with confidence.

There is such an abundance of colours out there that it is sometimes hard to choose what you really want. Not to mention every colour has a vast array of different shades to it. Whenever you go to a paint store even white has over one hundred shades, starting with “Toque White” and “Spare White” and ending with “Nebulous White” and “Ethereal White.” And this is just white we are talking about here; can you imagine the choices for colours such as blue, green or brown? There is nothing more upsetting than having your newly renovated room painted only to realize that the colour is completely off or that it does not match the vision you had in mind. So colour selection is definitely a decision that you are going to want to make without any second guesses or regrets.

Fortunately, in our age of advanced technology, there are several apps available to make your renovation much easier.

One of the apps that every home renovator must know about is Color Snap from Sherwin-Williams. This app will make your colour selection simple, efficient and also incredibly fun. Color Snap allows you to take pictures of any colour you like and then it will match it with a paint colour from the Sherwin-Williams collection! Let’s say you are at a furniture store where you purchase a couch or a pillow set for your renovated space and you want to see what colours would go with it – simply take a photo of any object whose colour caught your eye, tap on the picture and Color Snap will match that exact shade to the closest paint colour available. You can save it into your virtual palette and then Color Snap will find other colours that match with it. You can browse through the Sherwin-Williams collection and view paint colours side by side to see how well they go together. The app offers detailed information, such as colour names, RGB values and LRV numbers. Color Snap also makes it available for you to access your palette on your tablet or computer. This app can be downloaded on your Android or iPhone and will always be there to help you out.

Another tool that will come in extremely handy is Paint Calculator (https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/try-on-colors/paint-calculator#/home). It allows you to easily calculate the amount of paint you will need. No more guessing or over-purchasing, just enter the dimensions of the space you are renovating (height, width, texture) and Paint Calculator will give you the exact amount. There is even a Custom Calculation option, where you can add details such as windows, ceiling, doorways/openings, etc for the most precise calculation.

With tools like this there is less of a chance of making a mistake or miscalculating. Renovations are not always the easiest task but apps like Color Snap and Paint Calculator will make it run a lot smoother.