When you are in the process of renovating your basement, paint colour for the walls happens to be quite an important decision. There are so many ways to experiment with wall paint and wall decor that will make your freshly renovated basement a cozy, new living space. Wall art is an incredibly crucial part of interior design and, at often times, it can be prove to be a challenge.

There is a wide range of photography, paintings and other wall art pieces that retail stores offer. However, why not try something that is more personal and something you, yourself, can customize and change every day. What I am referring to is chalkboard paint – a new, fun and stylish way to decorate any living space. A layer of chalkboard paint creates a smooth writing surface that you can write, draw and decorate on using simple chalks. What’s also great is that this paint is available in a wide selection of colours. So, you can experiment with a variety of different looks – from classic black or bright accents to complementary pastels. No matter what colour you choose, a chalkboard wall can be a striking new decor piece to your home design. There are many brands out there that offer this product, such as Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint 308.

First and foremost, the creative possibilities are endless. If placed in a children’s bedroom, kids may use it as their own studio for drawing. The chalkboard wall is not just decorative but also functional. If you have it in your office you can write to-do lists, contact numbers, calendars, daily planners or reminders.

Chalkboard paint is a great way to spice up the living space of freshly renovated basement as well. You can create your own personal wall art or use the chalkboard wall as a way to write down scores for family game nights, inspirational quotes, fun messages to family members, movie night lists or even the daily menu. The possibilities are endless and the best part is that you have full control over it. Just choose your favourite paint colour, get a few chalks and enjoy.