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  • Regent Basement Apartment

    Finishing Basement Riegent


    This basement apartment renovation project included spacious entertaining area with a three-sided fireplace, bathroom with a walk-in shower and kitchen equipped with custom made wall cabinets giving plenty room for storage.


    The basement is the most neglected section of most homes although this is never always the case. There are numerous basement apartment ideas and designs that you use in transforming the damp and dull space into added space for your preferred use. In general, the cellar is not a key representative house section and in most cases accommodates store rooms, boiler rooms, workshops, pantries and even laundry rooms. However, with smart design and planning, these spaces can subsequently be transformed into superb family rooms, playrooms, bedrooms etc.

    Our renovations team can easily transform your basement into an extra living space for the family or into a legal apartment for your extra income. We carefully plan and strategically design a brand new layout to create a comfortable and convenient living area and provide you with a great functioning basement apartment. The basement is separated into individual living rooms, bedrooms, as well as fully-operational kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and saunas. At an affordable price, we consider your needs and turn any size basement into a single or double apartment inside your own home.


    The overall layout of a basement has the capacity to be numerous diverse types of rooms, all dependent on your requirements both for now and in the long run. Although it is generally quite tempting to design basement spaces for current needs and uses, it would be an unwise move not to take into account the future. For room areas, a typical basement area can assume several purposes such as TV kids rooms, Movie Theaters, Offices, Entertainment areas or even as laundry rooms. Depending on your individual needs and family needs, you can allocate different purposes to the various different rooms created. At Good Reno we help our clients visualize their finished basement needs from both a planning and budgetary perspective.