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  • Libby Basement Apartment

    renovation Basement in Libby


    The homeowner’s preference for rustic details presented the opportunity to use wood in unique ways. Real estate value was added to the home with the addition of a kitchen and full bathroom within the space.

    When you walk down to your basement does it feel like a dungeon? Well, we can help with that. Whether you want it to be a not so secret escape, or just want to install a downstairs bathroom, we can do it all. Go from a dark and cold cellar to whatever you can imagine. Our goal is to provide a pleasurable experience during our renovation process and guarantee that your finished basement has an amazing look and homey feel.


    Our renovations team can easily transform your basement into an extra living space for the family or into a legal apartment for your extra income. We carefully plan and strategically design a brand new layout to create a comfortable and convenient living area and provide you with a great functioning basement apartment. The basement is separated into individual living rooms, bedrooms, as well as fully-operational kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and saunas. At an affordable price, we consider your needs and turn any size basement into a single or double apartment inside your own home.


    At Good Reno we help our clients visualize their finished basement needs from both a planning and budgetary perspective. The overall finish of your basement will always be different depending on what you decide to utilize your new basement for. This and what materials and decorative affects you decide to incorporate. Thankfully, we can help you create everything from highly visual new games room and bar areas to value adding new bedrooms and guest accommodation. All you need to do is call or contact us today in order to start discussing your specific basement renovation requirements in a little more detail.