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  • Richmond Hill Home Reno


    This is a whole home renovation. Floors are replaced in each room. The kitchen was completely renovated including new custom cabinetry, countertop and floors.


    Sometimes rebuild is not feasible. Renovations and alteration works almost always cost less than building a new home. If your living requirements have changed or you wish to improve the value of your home renovation is the answer. We have the knowledge and understanding to completely transform your house, providing comfort and pleasure as well as added value to the property.

    We can manage your entire home renovations or extensions projects from start to finish. No matter which renovation option you are interested in you can count on Good Reno to provide you with the best solution. We will take care of every detail, including plumbing and electrical services. Our goal is to provide a pleasurable experience during our renovation process and guarantee that your home has an amazing look and homey feel. We are offering all types of services to help with your renovation needs! We offer top of the line service and committed to providing you the greatest service. Let us help you get started.


    Do you want to achieve open-plan, maximise living space for greater comfort or add a room or rooms then quality home extension may come handy. Invest in your current property instead of purchasing a new one. Increase the value of your home with less time and inconvenience than building a new home.

    We can advise you on which type of home extension is most suitable for your requirements. It may include extension of ground floor or addition of second storey, revamping your kitchen. We can help you with the ideas on room locations, common room sizes, what materials to use, structural details as well as financial implications.