It can be overwhelming to dive into basement renovation. Basements are among the most valued places in the home because of their versatile usage. Nowadays, most people choose to upgrade their basement space that suits their family best, according to family needs or future tenants’ needs.

To upgrade your basement, you either have to renovate it or remodel it. Both sound the same but, both describe different basement improvement projects. Let us look at both of them so that you can decide which one you need.

Basement Renovation

Renovation of the basement is a big project that aims to change the way you used to use your basement. It involves making some improvements by doing some repairs and installing some new components like counters or other fixtures.

The goal of a basement renovation is to restore the damaged basement into its original form. For example, change of floor tiles after damage or making ascetic changes to improve basement appearance. It is an easy and quick project that can take a maximum of 2 weeks.

Basement Remodeling

Remodeling of the basement is a step ahead of renovating it. It consists of making structural changes to design and change the layout of your basement. An example of basement remodeling consists of adding something to an existing basement or underpinning it.

It means that remodeling a basement requires a lot more time, skill and money than renovating. When it comes to remodeling a basement, it can take up to 4 weeks according to your needs and things you want to add to your basement.

basement renovation

How to renovate a basement?

The first question that comes to mind while renovating a basement is: Would I be able to do it, and if yes, how can I renovate it? Renovation is easy and quick. But before working on it, you would have to plan the layout, select the material and, signing paperwork like permits.

Things like plumbing, electric wiring and floorplan are some that you have to consider. But doing all of the work on your own can be overwhelming. In this case, you can contact a professional that can take care of all of your needs. The right contractor would guide you in what you should do and save you from hassle and troubles.

Steps to remember while renovating your basement:

1. Cleaning of your Basement

The first step is to remove all the clutter and unwanted furniture from your basement to prepare for improvements.

2. Foundation wall

It is important to check the foundation wall for any possible cracks. If there are any, they need to be fixed before you begin renovating your basement.

3. Test moisture of your basement

According to experts, the comfortable moisture level is between 30 and 50 percent. Checking the moisture level of your basement is easier than you have imagined. To measure it tape a piece of tin foil or plastic onto your floor. After that leave it for several days. Ensure that you have sealed all the edges. If you get moisture on the exposed surface, then the problem is condensation.

4. Know all the Bylaws and permits

The last thing that one wants is to be on the wrong side of the laws while getting a basement and home renovation. There are specific rules and regulations necessary for the areas. Your professional would know all the information. But if you have planned to renovate without a contractor, make sure that you know all the bylaws and have the required permits.

5. Gather all the tools and materials for renovation

You will need many tools and materials to complete this task. Materials such as

● Cleaning tools
● Cleaning supplies
● Wood or metal studs
● Drywall, insulation, compound
● Pot lights, switch, plugs and wire
● PEX pipe and faucets
● Paint, primer, paintbrushes
● Laminate flooring, tiles
● Power saw, drill, nail gun, level,

The list goes on. Ensure that the materials you are using are of good quality.

6. Install insulation

To keep the inside of your basement warm, you will have to install wall insulation. According to a study, basements are reasons why 20% of the total heat loss. It is because a large area is not insulated, on both above and below. You can even be eligible for rebates when you make renovations to improve your home’s energy efficiency with insulation.

7. Frame your basement walls

Making a frame for the basement is simple. Start with building a standard wall frame using studs around your basement. Place them along with the cemented wall. Ensure that your studs are 16″. Once it’s complete, place the insulation and begin the next step.

8. Installation of drywall

It is advisable to receive the help of a professional for drywall installation. Make sure that you have access to water and gas panels valves.
SAFE’n’SOUND Mineral Wool Fire and Soundproofing Batt Insulation is a good choice to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

9. Installing of flooring

When it comes to basement flooring, you will have a variety of options. Steer clear of the natural materials that may get spoiled due to moisture. You can install ceramic tiles directly on the top of the concrete or install the laminate using subfloor or membrane. We have an article about this in our blog as well.


Renovating a basement is a quick and easy task. However, it can be tedious and tiring if you are not well informed. To save yourself from the trouble and hassle that comes with renovating, you can hire a professional who will guide you correctly. If you want to renovate by yourself, then you can refer to the steps given above.